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Test Services





IE Test personnel have designed, developed 

and supported 

Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) Systems for

over 30 years. 

Our test engineering

services support 

both military and 

commercial markets. 

Our Test Systems architectures maximize 

the use of COTS equipment and 

allows for test systems

expansion as 

requirements dictate.



Systems Expertise


Our comprehensive

approach to test 

engineering was designed

to simplify the 

manufacturing process 

by improving product 

quality, reducing work 

in the process, lowering

costs and increasing


With our extensive

background in RF, 

Analog, Digital and

Mechanical design,

IE Test can develop a 

test solution to meet

your needs.



TPS Expertise


IE Test Software platform 

is a comprehensive 

and flexible framework 

for developing, 

managing and 


Test Stations and 

Test Station software. 

Our Test Fixturing 

expertise covers the 

full spectrum of 

customer needs from

manual to fully 

automated with 

vision systems for

component through

final assembly test.

Complete Turnkey
Custom Systems
Custom Hardware/Software
Design and Engineering
TPS Development
Fixture Design
Application Programming
Assembly Services
Systems Build-To-Print
Fixture Manufacturing
Cable Assembly
Consulting Services
On-site Training/Programming
Service Maintenance
Design For Test Studies
Product Industrialization



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